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I care about crafting high-quality Software. My motivation is to explore ways to create sustainable code bases, improve developer experience and enhance a software developers daily life.

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  • Being SOLID - A glance on the single responsibility principle

    23.12.2020 Reading time: 10min

    A class which does things well is good. A class which only does this one thing is even better. This article shortly outlines why it's important to keep an eye on class responsibilities in object oriented programming.

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  • My favourite IDE productivity tools

    13.12.2020 Reading time: 15min

    The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an important item in the toolbox of a productive software developer. Today I want to give you a short tour on some little productivity helpers I use on a day to day basis when writing code.

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  • Ease publishing of rich text articles

    06.12.2020 Reading time: 15min

    There are various ways of creating and publishing rich text content on a web page. Today I want to show you an efficient way I discovered while creating my new blog with Nuxt.js, Storyblok and Tailwind CSS' typography plugin.

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Latest Projects

  • Rezeptbuddies

    Rezeptbuddies is a Webapp where you can collect and share your favourite food recipes with your friends. With this app you have all your recipes at your fingertips and get to know lots of new ideas for cooking.

  • Personal Sports Blog

    Here you can read about my passion for sports. The main focus of this blog is endurance sports as I am an ambitious hobby triathlete. I write about my training, experiences I gather along the road and competitions I participate.

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