• Being SOLID - A glance on the single responsibility principle

    23.12.2020 Reading time: 10min

    A class which does things well is good. A class which only does this one thing is even better. This article shortly outlines why it's important to keep an eye on class responsibilities in object oriented programming.

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  • My favourite IDE productivity tools

    13.12.2020 Reading time: 15min

    The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an important item in the toolbox of a productive software developer. Today I want to give you a short tour on some little productivity helpers I use on a day to day basis when writing code.

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  • Ease publishing of rich text articles

    06.12.2020 Reading time: 15min

    There are various ways of creating and publishing rich text content on a web page. Today I want to show you an efficient way I discovered while creating my new blog with Nuxt.js, Storyblok and Tailwind CSS' typography plugin.

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  • Why good names make a difference

    29.11.2020 Reading time: 25min

    People, animals or things - they all have something in common. They are identified by some name. I'd like to take a look which role names play when writing a program.

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  • Make code listings on your web page look pretty

    20.11.2020 Reading time: 10min

    Source code is not always limited to the IDE of software developers. Using an efficient tool turns your code listing on a web page with little work into a nicely formatted and styled block.

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  • Welcome to my brand-new Software Engineering Blog

    13.11.2020 Reading time: 20min

    And here it is - my personal blog in a fresh new look, with a new focus and built on a new technology stack.

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  • JS Festival in Amsterdam

    17.02.2019 Reading time: 10min

    Let’s kick-off my dev blogging year by looking back onto the exciting three days I had last week in Amsterdam. I had the opportunity to attend the frontenddeveloperlove and conferences.

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  • Mocking dependencies when unit testing in PHP

    22.07.2018 Reading time: 10min

    In order to build high quality software products, unit testing is an essential building block. However, it is still not uncommon that large software projects don’t implement unit testing properly.

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  • Getting started with stylelint

    09.06.2018 Reading time: 10min

    When working with languages like JavaScript or CSS many bad things can happen in your code which are probably not that obvious. Sometimes there is not even a clear error or exception and bugs then often stay hidden.

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  • Proper web layout with the essentials of CSS Grid

    28.04.2018 Reading time: 20min

    Positioning elements on a web page properly has already caused a lot of headaches for web developers. I am no exception either. It has not happened once that I fiddled around with floating of block elements, positioning with inline-block and using the n-th clear statement to bring everything back to the normal HTML layout flow.

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  • Rock your OS X setup with dotfiles

    13.04.2018 Reading time: 10min

    Every software developer has their own selection of tools, frameworks, libraries and helper programs to ease their productivity in daily work-life. For many devs it would be a nightmare to install and configure all their things again in case their computer breaks at some point.

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  • First steps with Ember.js

    26.03.2018 Reading time: 15min

    Recently, I used some time to take a look into ember which is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks out there. The creators of Ember.js describe it as a framework for creating ambitious web applications.

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  • Neat Git aliases for more efficiency

    08.02.2018 Reading time: 10min

    Git is the most popular version control system currently. As a software developer in a team, no matter whether you work on websites, backend services, mobile apps or any other piece of software, your probably use it every day.

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  • Exiting the callback hell in JavaScript

    06.01.2018 Reading time: 15min

    Asynchronous execution of actions is a common concept in nowadays web applications. Especially the JavaScript world makes heavy use of it.

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  • My page speed checklist for web developers

    02.12.2017 Reading time: 15min

    It’s a typical requirement in nowadays internet businesses to have a beautifully designed and appealing website which catches the eye of a customer and as a result leads to an increased conversion rate.

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  • Scalable and maintainable CSS with ITCSS

    05.11.2017 Reading time: 15min

    There are UI and UX enthusiasts who honor the power of it to paint the web while there are developers who take a huge sigh when new changes to the existing codebase have to be introduced. I am talking about CSS and it’s controversial perspectives among developers.

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  • Use Weka in your Java project

    22.10.2017 Reading time: 15min

    In my previous blog post I introduced the Weka GUI, a data mining and machine learning tool written in Java by the University of Waikato in New Zealand, to you. If you read this post I hope you got a good overview on the capabilities of Weka and be now curious to see how you can use it in a Java project.

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  • Weka - More than a bird in New Zealand

    02.10.2017 Reading time: 20min

    Have you ever heard of the tiny flightless birds called Weka, which have its roots in New Zealand. Probably not. However, what you as a software and technology interested person pretty sure have heard of, these days even more often than ever before, is the buzzword Machine Learning.

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  • Building an Angular 2+ app with SystemJS and Gulp

    10.09.2017 Reading time: 30min

    Since its release by Google in 2009, AngularJS has quickly grown to one of the most popular open-source Javascript frameworks and is nowadays the leading framework when it comes to client-side rendered web apps. With version 2, the developers decided to implement the project completely new from scratch and as a result the new Angular differs in a lot of parts from the old one.

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  • Execute browser-like Javascript without a browser

    18.08.2017 Reading time: 20min

    If you are familiar with nowadays web development, you most probably have already worked with frameworks like AngularJS or EmberJS. Today I want to introduce you a Javascript framework I came along recently which is not that popular as the two I mentioned and you might not have heard of so far, namely PhantomJS.

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  • Hosting a Jekyll powered website without any burden

    08.08.2017 Reading time: 30min

    In the previous blog post I introduced the static site generator Jekyll in a nutshell to you and showed you how to get started with it very fast. If you are not familiar with Jekyll and have not yet read that post, I encourage you to do so.

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  • Blogging like a hacker

    29.07.2017 Reading time: 45min

    Starting up with the first post on my personal tech blog with a detailed insight into how I actually built this blog seems to be a good idea in my opinion. Even more, since it is not a typical Wordpress blog as you can see it a thousand times on the Internet.

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