Welcome to my brand-new Software Engineering Blog

13.11.2020 Reading time: 20min

And here it is - my personal blog in a fresh new look, with a new focus and built on a new technology stack.

Let's dig into what my motivation is to bring this new blog to life and what you can expect from articles posted here.

A short look back

First of all, I want to quickly recap what has happened under this domain in the past to give you a bit of background. I first published a developer blog in July 2017, where I wanted to publish my learnings of trying out different web development technologies and approaches. Since sharing and teaching things I have learned is one of my key philosophies to get the best out of learning, I posted every few weeks rather comprehensive articles about different technical topics I played around with. After about one year, I decided to put this blog project on hold.

Let's start over again

About one and half years after my last article, a few projects and many experiences later, I decided to bring back this blog to life again. What I want to leverage in my writing from now on is the tremendous change the software development economy and its people has made over the last years and the route it takes right now. As I have been working mainly on software products created and developed by teams, I have realized over time how important it is, besides providing a great product to the user, to pay attention to produce high-quality code and employ efficient engineering processes. Moreover, it's clear to me that the typical programmer as we considered him/her many years ago, is not the professional Software Engineer as I perceive him/her today (or at least should not be like that anymore in my opinion).

With that in mind, I will regularly publish new articles here, which provide insights into the experiences I gather during my week. My goal is to present these in a compact form of short articles which you can read fully whenever you have time, be it on the bus, in a break or after work. Feel free to reach out to me via Email or Twitter if you have comments, questions or just want to get in contact to me to talk about topics I write about.

How I built this blog

The first version of this blog was built on Jekyll (a static-site generator built on Ruby), which is basically a good and performant choice. However, as I wanted to redesign my blog anyway when starting over again, I decided to use a new tech stack. As I really like to work with VueJS and wanted to have a better authoring experience than writing plain markdown files, my choice went for NuxtJS as static-site generator in combination with Storyblok as headless CMS. Until now it turns out to be a great fit as Nuxt gives you a great starting point for a VueJS application out-of-the-box. It also comes with a static-site generation mode as well which is pretty nice. Although I have not worked with Storyblok before, setting up the page there and connecting it to Nuxt went quite smooth. There is comprehensive documentation available which supports you along the way. Moreover, it's also nice to use a local product since Storyblok is developed by a startup from Linz.

With that I would like to end my kick-off article and encourage you to stay tuned for what is coming.

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